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Sensory experience



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We create unique product experiences by addressing natural patterns of perception through a bundle of tangible product features, thus offering holistic experience solutions. We already support partners from a wide range of industries and markets on this versatile path, because our decades of know-how make us a creative, agile partner. With material solutions made from renewable
resources, we make an active contribution to reducing the CO2 footprint.

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Our vision

We develop unique, sustainable and high-performing material and surface solutions made from renewable resources, that enrich the living environment of our customers in a deep and lasting manner.

Our mission

We systematically analyse and understand the key needs of human perception and, based on this, create holistic, natural and individual product experiences for our customers. Embedded in professional service support, we are the long-term strategic development partner of our customers.

Our contribution
to environmental protection

People feel most at ease in a natural environment. We reinforce this elementary basic feeling by using natural materials and product sensory systems designed for human perception.

Our sophisticated OEKO-TEX-certified leather fibre material is made of over 92 % natural, renewable raw materials. By implementing recycling concepts for processing plants in our EMAS-certified production, we make an active contribution to environmental protection. Blue electricity from our own hydroelectric power plant with a newly built natural fish ladder is proof of our consciously sustainable corporate strategy. The company's own multi-stage sewage treatment plant treats waste water chemically, biologically and mechanically. The quality and purity of the waste water goes well beyond the legal requirements. If organic solvents are detected in the exhaust air, we eliminate them in a thermal afterburning plant.