product experiences

High quality leather touch

Modern product design focuses on sustainability, performance and conscious optics, haptics as well as olfaction. In almost all industries and products, the unique properties of our quality leather fibre fabric result in a wide range of possible applications.

Quality shoes

The name Salamander has been synonymous with quality in shoes for over 100 years. High-quality shoe brands worldwide count on our tested and certified material components. We can therefore proudly say that we are the market leaders in Italy for traditional bonded leather counter material. That is not all: practically all the leading shoe brands rely on our quality for counters made from bonded leather (Salpa). Our name and the “SALAMANDER" logo on our products are our traditional way of guaranteeing that our bonded leather materials for counters are of top quality.
In addition, a large number of important materials for high-quality components with optimised properties are produced at Salamander for a unique shoe experience:

  • Shoe welts
  • Outsoles
  • Insoles
  • Insole sock linings
  • Heels


We are your partners for sustainable loop concepts in the automotive industry. Thanks to our understanding and assurance of high quality and fully perfected industrial scalability, we can offer future-oriented developers products for the modern interiors of tomorrow.

Interior Design

With our sustainable designer materials, you can give full rein to your imagination and enhance your customers’ homes with a large number of custom products through the power of good design. With individual forms coordinated with the surrounding architecture, the select materials harmonise with the character of a room and of the people who live in it.

Tabletop products

Unique materials for creating your table decorations. Whether you make place mats, trays or other decorative products, we offer you unique, exciting materials for creating tabletop products in a vast array of colours, forms and textures, allowing you to create an unforgettable experience around a beautifully laid table to suit any occasion.


The perfect product experience starts with unique packaging that adds significantly to the product value. Based on the principles of human perception, we offer targeted help to create concepts and present products that fascinate the customer.

Lifestyle accessories

Powerful and attractive collections tell stories that emotionalise and fascinate the customer. Our product range enhances your designs and products, adding colour design options, drawing attention to surfaces, introducing high-quality scents and giving you a modern claim to sustainability. Designers and brands worldwide count on our certified material quality, drawing in customers with sustainable style options.


Thanks to our wide range of materials, we offer special bindings that leave a distinctive first impression. Our natural material appeals to all the senses: the fragrance, the feel and its unique material qualities communicate esteem for the customer. And give your notepad, calendar or book their own unique character.


Salamander Window & Door Systems makes windows something special. Our specially developed surfaces for indoor use make the window part of your home décor – inside and out. Enjoy all the benefits of a Salamander window system – with the look and feel of our exciting materials. Customise your home down to the very last detail and create a vibrant interior with an individual character.


We believe that home furnishings reflect the personality of their users and shape people's sensory perceptions. That is why we work day in, day out to create material experiences that give your product that something special, and which thanks to good design have a positive impact on residents' thoughts and feeling. The result? Furniture that moves and inspires you.

Floor coverings

Make any room feel cosier. When architects plan houses, the use of individual materials is an important detail, particularly for the floor. Our wide range of material experiences enables you to create unique, easy-care designer floors to match any modern interior design.