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Branded shoes all over the world rely on the tested, certified and high-performance material components of performa (= sustainable performance), the brand solution of Salamander Premium Solutions for the premium quality foodwear sector. Today, as in the past, the family-run company has stood for top quality components for brand shoes for more than 100 years. With performa, you therefore have a material that is easy to process, efficient and sustainable. It is optimally designed for precise, high-quality processing and unfolds its full potential when viewed from a "total cost of ownership" perspective.

Areas of application




Sock lining

Heel construction


Certified, high-performance
quality leather fibre fabric for the highest requirements

Our mission is to create high-performance premium leather fibre fabrics from high-quality and renewable resources. The production is comparable to the specific manufacturing process of paper. For this, high-quality formulations consisting of high-grade offcuts from leather processing companies, which are shredded and enriched with vegetable tanning agents, natural rubber, fats and water, are developed individually for each specific customer. At the end of the production process, a customized, robust and quality-tested material solution is created: due to its high quality, performa has a positive impact on all processing steps, thus saving costs and having an optimal effect inside the products. It stands out for its extraordinary durability, very easy processability and high consistent, natural quality. Internal as well as external specialists permanently check the premium material solutions in order to guarantee our highest standards in terms of sustainability & quality.

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Premium leather fibre fabrics for numerous applications